Imagine asking for the price of a car and the owner gets angry with you because he says the car is not for sale despite the fact that a box with an inscription “For Sale” is on top of the car. Will it be wrong to ask, “why displaying it if you have no intention of selling it”? This happens everyday to many married women because of the high level of indecency.

In our modern society there is the confusion of knowing who is married and who is not, who is a prostitute and who is not. Prostitutes hire their bodies out in exchange for money and as a result they dress in a sexually provocative way to advertise their “business”. They know very well that without wearing unholy dresses they will not look sexually attractive enough to get “costumers”. The Holy Bible categorizes that type of uniform as “an attire of an harlot”. Simply put “the dressing of a prostitute.” Hear what the Holy Bible says:

Proverbs 7:10 “And, behold, there met him a woman with the ATTIRE OF AN HARLOT, and subtil of heart.”

Prostitutes use this type of uniform to market their “goods”. They know they can only be identified by their “costumers” easily if they dress professionally. To prostitutes, clothes are not meant for covering of nakedness but to “package” their “assets” and flaunt the sexiness of their body. They understand the power of advertisement hence they use their sexy wears and body language to lure those who are lost into patronizing them. Do prostitutes wear decent clothes to look for costumers? No.

Unfortunately, we see many married women who wear the same uniform of prostitutes and put their bodies on display the same way the prostitutes do, yet feel very offended when  “costumers” who lust after their bodies approach them to discuss “business”.

Among the Isoko tribe in Delta State of Nigeria, there is a tradition that demands that a married woman must confess any man that approaches her for sex or touches her inappropriately. The man is summoned and fined for approaching a married woman. In one occasion a man was summoned and was to be fined but after his explanation the elders fined the woman. The man said the woman was putting on clothes that were sexually provocative. He thought she was not married. As a matter of fact he said he thought she was among the sex workers who just relocated to the town because of a newly built brothel. Although he apologized for approaching the married woman the elders saw no reason why he should be made to pay a fine. Instead the woman was fined for dressing like a “cheap woman” that resulted in that approach.

My question is “if you are not selling your “goods” why put them on display? If you are not a prostitute why dress like one? If you have no intention of seducing people why wear things that are sexually appealing? If you put your body on display why are you angry when hungry fornicators and adulterers ask you “how much.”

There’s no doubt about the fact that times have changed and time is constantly changing. Satanism is on the increase at an alarming rate. Many humans are losing the sense of morality and are tending towards the worship of individual human will and the gratification of the desires of the flesh. This is the end time, a time of godlessness and falling away from the truth. Seeing these things, let us remember that the Return of Jesus Christ is near. Let’s not get carried away by the standard of this world but let’s prepare for the Great Judgment Day!

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