By Damilola Esther Bamgbade

What date is it because the new update and normal is Modesty.

Everyday I see beautiful Ladies without bleaching.

I see virtue in the way they dress.

I see decency without them disclosing the inward meant to be IN.

I see radiant beauty and charm.

I see respect and courtesy in the way she carries herself.

I see simplicity with elegance.

I see character for the world to see and follow.

I see decency as the norm with other virtues thriving including integrity, honesty, compassion, kindness, and trust.

I see people with treasures jealously covering their bodies to glorify God.

I see people Dressed the way they want to be addressed.

I see the men fully Guarded against any internal or external force Because the Ladies are now responsible.

I see them firing instead of falling.

I see them inspired to be better men because the women are thriving to be Good.

I see men honoring and respecting women so much because of how chaste she is.

I see Confidence in the way she Smiles because she knows, she’s not entangled.

Her Hair so attractive, many see it and are speechless because it’s natural and nurtured with so much Beauty.

And many wonder “how can I be like her or how can my standard match her’s?”

How can he be this Good, do I have what it takes to speak to Him, are such men still alive?

Yes! there do, Yes! You Can be like her.

If you ask me, Nudity is now outdated and the Beautiful trend is Modesty Both for the ladies and the Guys.

The name Nudity is Fading away like the wind.

Nudity don cast, Decency don elevate.